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Bear Grillz Takes on ‘Mayweather’

Just when we thought the hype was over, Bear Grillz, Dubstep’s favorite party animal, takes on “Mayweather.” Grillz is known for his powerful bass coupled with grimy breakdowns and his new mix “Mayweather” is no different. The track shows us exactly what Grillz is capable of, unbelievable rhythm and true talent.

Bear Grillz isn’t just your average grizzly bear. He is a self-taught master of headbanging Dubstep. With just a MacBook Pro and an internet connection, Grillz spent countless hours in the forest watching YouTube tutorials teaching himself everything he knows about producing and performing. His music has a recognizable sound that sets him apart from the rest.  His music is known to incorporate various different genres of music such as hip-hop, heavy rock, bass, and pop all blended together into a beautiful Dubstep masterpiece.

Grillz’s sets are WILD (pun intended), with filthy bass drops, insane visuals, and hardcore bangers that are sure to have the crowd’s face melting. Bear Grillz will be testing his ‘bear’ strength against aliens on Sunday, April 8th at Phoenix Lights on the Invasion Stage. You are not going to want to miss an experience like this. Purchase tickets here.

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