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Diplo & Friends Mixes: Phoenix Lights Edition

This just in, the mystery of the Phoenix Lights has finally been solved! Phoenix Lights, named after the mysterious lights seen in the sky one dark March evening in 1997 has left people in wonder for two decades. The V-shaped formation of lights was never identified and left people searching for answers. After years of investigating, we’ve finally deciphered the message communicated through some of the freshest and funkiest music this planet has ever seen.

lead by an alien known as Diplo and his crew of space rangers, the extraterrestrials want nothing more than to throw Earth the festival of a lifetime. The creatures have informed us that their final transmission will occur on Saturday, April 7th, and Sunday, April 8th and you are not going to want to miss what’s in store.

Can’t wait until April? We couldn’t either, so we’ve created an eleven-hour playlist so you can start deciphering the message, too. With sounds from galactic beings Boombox Cartel, Wuki, Oshi, and so many more there’s no better way to prepare.

Make sure to grab your tickets for Phoenix Lights on April 7th and 8th. Purchase tickets here!

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