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Phoenix Lights Goes Gucci: Gucci Mane’s Top Hits

It’s Gucci time! Well, nearly. Gucci Mane, the influential and iconic rapper whose autobiography was a New York Times Best Seller and who is having a movie written about his life is coming to Phoenix soon. If those two things aren’t already convincing you to go, then his discography should prompt enough motivation. Gucci Mane has cut after cut after cut under his repertoire.

First though, let’s discuss who Gucci is because we’re not talking about just another artist utilizing rolling hi-hats and talking about trapping. He is one of the originators of hip-hop and the subgenre trap rap that bumps in the hoods of ATL to mansions in Calabasas. It was the early 2000s when Gucci started making records, but it was his three-year run of albums, Trap House (2005), Hard to Kill (2006) and Trap-A-Thon (2007), when Gucci set his cup on the mantle of trap greats. Along with help from producer Zaytoven, Gucci had a run of hits from then on with the peak being 2009 when The State vs Radric Davis hit number 1 on the rap charts.

Get more familiar with Gucci Mane with this run through some of the dopest tracks he’s ever dropped.


Gucci Mane – Wasted ft. Plies

The chorus goes, “Rockstar lifestyle might don’t make it, living life high, everyday clique wasted.” In 2009, the leading single off The State vs Radric Davis was played at every house/frat/backyard party. Simply put, it’s a song about living an excessive lifestyle and being wasted with your squad. Sounds like a perfect music festival track, right?

Gucci Mane – Bricks (Official Video)

This song would make a great jeopardy question because it inspired the name of the No Jumper podcast (“I’m ballin’ like an athlete but I got no jumper”) and you can see a barely known at the time Nicki Minaj chilling with the squad. But in 2009, it was the entrancing sample and Gucci’s icy cool flow about trapping that had the rap world mesmerized.


Gucci Mane – Lemonade [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

An all yellow and black aesthetic (before aesthetics were all the rage), a sick sample of the keys from an old Flo & Eddy track, and colorful metaphor after colorful metaphor make this track so damn cool.

Gucci Mane – Freaky Gurl (video)

What’s so dope about Gucci is his confidence in taking chances with different sounding beats. Take a song like “Freaky Girl” which has some interesting high pitch sounds in it we wouldn’t normally expect from Gucci. Give it to any other rapper and it probably wouldn’t work, but give it to Gucci and he makes it pop.

Gucci Time feat Swizz Beatz – Official Video

This track is still a banger! With a bouncy beat and memorable moments like, “Cut the lights on, cut these fuckin’ lights on/All this ice on ain’t no need to cut the lights on” and “do you know what time it is, Gucci time,” this track will be lit when thousands of people are rocking along with it. It’s an unforgettable culmination of everything Gucci La Flare has been this whole time.

It’s clear that Gucci Mane has stood the test of time, and soon, it’ll be Gucci Time here! Catch Gucci Mane playing alongside Diplo, Martin Garrix, Travis Scott, Metro Boomin and more at Phoenix Lights this April.

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