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Flatbush Zombies Releases New Track, ‘U & I’

For a trio who’s known for their wacky ways and rapping with waffles in hand, Flatbush Zombie’s latest track shows a deeper side and sheds light on heavier subjects. Speaking on addiction, mental illness, and woes of unhappiness, “U & I” brings poetic awareness to the three’s struggles that the public eye doesn’t always see. The new track is off their upcoming album, Vacation In Hell, set to drop April 6th.

In the opening verse, we are met with the ethereal voice of Dia that leads into a subtle trap beat. Erick, Meechy, and Zombie all have lengthy verses that ebb and flow against a soft vocal loop that gives a clean foundation for the grounding words that are rapped. Showing how tight the Flatbush band is, Meechy Darko spits, “ word up, ’cause you my brothers, love ’em to death written in stone, I take my heart and rip it out my chest To prove to you that it’s Zombie gang, rotten flesh”. This new track has us itching to hear the rest of their upcoming album; look out for it on April 6th.

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Photo: Noam Galai, Getty Image

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