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LAXX’s Debut Album Focuses on Authenticity and Positivity

After teasing us with several singles ahead of his debut album, James Churchill, better known as LAXX, has finally released Fake Friends. The Oxford-based producer has a unique style with its refined bass and refusal to stay in one genre bubble. His debut album is an evolved, fluid version of his iconic style that celebrates his growth as a producer while still remaining loyal to his original sound.

It’s not just the album’s progression and pleasing melodies that are special. There’s a theme flowing through the tracks, album cover, and social media surrounding the release. Fake Friends is a declaration to look forward to positivity and personal growth and do what “feels so good,” rather than dwell on negativity and the distraction of social media.

Fake Friends‘ album cover alone makes a statement with its defiant middle finger emoji. It’s not a symbol of bitterness or anger; it defies things that are draining on creativity and positivity, like social media or “fake friends.” His tracks and their lyrics, for example, speak to what LAXX seems to be passionate about. “Fake friends I don’t really want those,” and “My heart it can’t take this,” from his tracks “Fake Friends” and “Heart” encourage avoiding negativity. LAXX promoted the release of his album on social media with tweets like “Album Marketing Phase Five: Fan Interaction – Tag your Fake Friends” that seem robotic. This might be a statement about how being on our phones can seem less personal and more “fake.”

LAXX’s theme in his debut album and the tracks themselves seem like a good lesson about 2018. Focus on real friends, real life, and doing what feels good for your heart. To see the inspirational LAXX in person, not just on electronic devices, catch him at the Hyper Future North American Tour 2018 with MUST D!E and Dr. Ozi on May 3 at the Monarch Theater in Phoenix. Grab your tickets here.

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