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Tchami & Malaa Release ‘Kurupt’ Amidst EP Hype

Tchami & Malaa put the EDM world in a frenzy every time they collaborate or perform a b2b set. With each of them having their own distinct style, it is a treat when they create music together. Tchami has fired out hit after hit with songs like “Promesses” and “Afterlife,” while Malaa has racked up plays of his own with tracks like “Notorious” and “Diamonds.” The two artists have been teasing their upcoming No Redemption EP release during performances, leaving fans trembling with anticipation. Having collaborated in the past on “Prophecy” it is evident why their fans are so excited. Amidst their confirmation of the EP, the two have released a new track, “Kurupt,” one that sends the clear message… this is going to be mind-blowing.

The track starts off with a solid intro that’s representative of both artists. An out of world effect starts up at forty-five seconds, with lyrics starting shortly after. A solid build-up reels in the listener, anxiously anticipating what comes next.

“Kurupt,” in addition to “The Sermon” and “Summer ‘99” are all of the recent tracks released by Tchami & Malaa. All three of these songs were released on Tchami’s Confession label. I cannot wait to see what the dynamic duo releases next!

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