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FAUL & WAD and Avalanche City Drop Remix Pack for ‘I Need You’

Even in the musically unpredictable climate of 2018, remix packs are still a wide welcome to a scene which honors diversity through sound and artistic takes on original works. This time, things are getting stirred up by FAUL & WAD and Avalanche City on their European smash, “I Need You.” While the original version may have torn up places outside the U.S., their new remix pack featuring David Puentez, MTS, Matty Menck, Basti M, and KLYMVX packs in brand new reworkings bound to catch the ears of new fans.

Beginning with the David Puentez and MTS remix, this track gleefully inserts classic string riffs we haven’t heard since Owl City came on the scene with his first album in 2008. As the introductory track, both artists mold it into a bedroom electro-pop dream. Matty Menck and Basti M label their remix a “rework,” and insert a progressive house vibe stronger than the original. Using a simple backbeat and reminiscent synths, both producers manage to find the balance between chill and party. As a “rework,” Matty and Basti separate their version from the pack by channeling traditional house and ignoring any chance for a modern drop.

Lastly, KLYMVX brings the EP / Remix Pack to a smashing end with more house elements which highlight the vocal contributions more than the others. Later in the track, those who were seeking more drops are finally satisfied as the producer chops and screws the vocals and synths. By the end of the KLYMVX track, listeners will probably realize that getting the most out of the remix pack involves accepting as a whole. While each track does hold its own fairly well, the cohesion of the collection is incredibly strong and shows each producer was in the right mind-space during the formative stages. Get the remix pack released on TONSPIEL here.

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