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Latest EP From Gentlemens Club is ‘Black Gold’

Ladies and Gentlemen get your neck braces ready. Gentlemens Club is back with their heaviest dubstep yet, and it’s incredible. The music can only be described as wurrvy, grimy, and heavy. The four-track EP, Black Gold is exactly that. Each song has a unique sound to it that’s different from other dubstep songs, but they still manage to maintain the signature Gentlemens Club sound. Released through Never Say Die, the UK elitists held nothing back as they released tracks like “Little John” and “Big Rings.” These tracks are sure to have dancefloors plastered with shaking rails and blasting speakers.

Gentlemens Club was created with no other goals in mind other than to have some fun while making music. The trio, consisting of UK residents 50 Carrot, Coffi, and Soloman created Gentlemens Club just to experiment with creating music, but after their talent grown the trip decided to embark on their first European tour in July 2013. The trio has already collaborated with masterminds like Borgore and Megladon to give birth to infectious tracks. Black Gold is the first EP the group has created since their highly praised Diamond Tape in 2017. 2018 is already looking like a great year for Gentlemens Club. With an EP and a collab with Borgore under their belt, listeners have high hopes for the Gentlemen in 2018.

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