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Never Say Die All Stars Team Up for ‘Hyper Future II’

Acting hyper because of the future? Well, reLAXX and take a seat because Dr. Ozi will see you now. I know you’re feeling anxious and like you MUST DIE, but some medicine will turn that frown upside down. Dr. Ozi is prescribing a new miracle drug, 10 CC’s of pure dubstep to cure anything. The drug, nicknamed Hyper Future II is administered aurally. Side effects include head banging, rail breaking, and a feeling of euphoria that floods the brain. Pharmaceutical company Never Say Die is aware of the rise in demand for natural medicine and states that Hyper Future II is the perfect natural aliment for bassheads everywhere.

Hyper Future II is the perfect balance of dubstep and trap. Never Say Die has been killing it this year with tons of new music from artists old and new. Hyper Future II is the perfect creation of veterans in the NSD label. The short 4-track EP features a different artist on every track. The artists do an excellent job of pouring their signature sound onto their track and having all the songs come together and transition quite nicely. This EP isn’t for the faint of heart, serious dubstep lovers only. If you like what you hear on the album, make sure to check out MUST DIE!, LAXX, and Dr. Ozi when they take over the Monarch theatre on May 3rd for their Hyper Future tour. Purchase tickets here.

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