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W&W and Darren Styles Release ‘Long Way Down’

Netherlands duo W&W have been putting out hits for almost 10 years. Throughout that time they’ve released recognized tracks “Live the Night” with Hardwell and Lil Jon, “Rave After Rave” and “Bigfoot.” The pair not only creates music but have a label of their own, Mainstage Music, and have gained a large amount of attention and love from EDM fans.

Releasing three songs so far this year, their newest track “Long Way Down” is sure to be another hit. Not only W&W teamed up with Darren Styles, another well-respected name in EDM, on this banger. The song also features up and coming artist, Giin. The song is a force to be reckoned with; check it out below.

The song starts off with mysterious bell effects and melodic lyrics that transition into Darren Styles signature sound, combining with the heat that W&W brings to their songs. By fifty seconds in, it’s clear that this song is not a ‘long way’ from being straight fire. When the drop hits, you can’t help but dance and smile to the infectious energy that each beat brings.

With “Long Way Down” already gaining almost 1M streams on music platforms, one can only hope that W&W will be releasing more music like this in the near future.

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