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Oolacile Unleashes ‘Zweihander’ EP on Disciple

The Dubstep swordsman Oolacile has recently ignited a six-track project titled Zweihander, consisting of both a new provocative and classic dubstep sound. The collection of tracks have already gained a ton of traction, leading this to be one of his most electrifying designs. Out via Disciple, this is a must listen for all heavy hitters.

Standout songs include “STOMP”, “Slice”, and “Defense System”, last of which is marked a personal favorite by the artist. “Slice” brings the EP in nicely with a filthy wobble intro into an intriguing and untraditional new lead, which appears to be very well received. To put in plainly, if you love dubstep but are tired of the older sounds, look no further. He rounds out his 3-month tour on the 29th in Detroit, so we may even hear some new tunes from him again soon.

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