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Radio Recap: Radio Wonderland with Alison Wonderland

This week, we bring you Radio Recap, a new weekly segment where we feature new and noteworthy DJ radio show episodes and mixes. DJs have been hammering away at their own radio shows to showcase their mixing talents and their creativity to do more than just produce music. Alison Wonderland‘s Radio Wonderland is a perfect example of this, and it’s what we kickstart the series with this week. Listen Here.

On episode #077, Alison Wonderland is back with a ferocity. She opens up her show with a little discussion on how she’s been handling the care of her mental health, showing her sympathy for fans who also deal with mental health issues by offering advice like going on hikes and getting outdoors. Then, the Australian producer gets right into the good stuff with her mixing for the episode, featuring a Blush remix from her remix package of “Okay” and a recently released single “Runaway” from Manila Killa. Staying true to her incredible versatility, AW throws in a little house to her typical trap style, mixing it up for the masses.

While we could listen to a radio show every week of exclusively Alison Wonderland mixes, we tuned in this week specifically for her special segment, “808s & Mates.” This week her interview guest is moombahton king Dillon Francis, who is currently working on a collaboration with AW. “808s & Mates” is a captivating segment because of the chemistry and humor you can feel bouncing back and forth between AW and her guests in a relaxed way that you typically don’t feel in professional interviews. Dillon and Alison discuss how the collaboration was initiated (Twitter), their Croatian roots, their inspirations as producers, and more. Make sure to check out the entire episode for the full experience!

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