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LondonBridge, Ravell, and Kaleena Zanders Combine for ‘Before I Go’

Space Yacht’s LondonBridge, LA producer/DJ Ravell, and popular vocalist Kaleena Zanders recently hopped in the studio for one of the grooviest tracks we have seen so far this fall. Kaleena is creating a demand for herself with her luxurious voice, as she has set a standard for singers by creating major hits with BIJOU, SNBRN, HEXAGON, AC Slater, and others. This one could be one of the best, and is definitely a must add to your house music playlist.

Ravell has been making a ton of noise in Los Angeles along with LondonBridge, who seems to be in a total lane of his own, throwing wild events in the industry city with Space Yacht. Relentless Beats recently hosted LondonBridge and company in Tempe for a wild night at Shady Park, featuring Dombresky, Sage Armstrong, Jace Mek, and Teig, which turned out to be one of the best events of the fall for the Arizona scene. Ravell’s style fuses perfectly with the Space Yacht co-creator, and with Kaleena added to the mix it makes for a nostalgic but fresh new track worth dancing to. Keep up with all these artists and what new music they are pumping out from southern California!

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