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Mr. Bill Brings Unique Glitch Flavor to ‘mau5ville: Level 2’

This year, Deadmau5 has taken on the project of showing off the diverse talents of his mau5trap label. His latest release—mau5ville: Level 2—is the second in his series of 2018 compilation albums that achieve exactly that.

Level 2 brings together a number of stars, including a feature from fellow Canadian vocalist, Lights, and remixes from Chris Lorenzo, Gallya, and Monstergetdown.

This EP is full of eclectic artists, but one track goes farther than the rest in showing off Deadmau5’s interest in diversity of sound. That standout track is “10.8”: an experimental downtempo collaboration between mau5 himself and Australian producer, Mr. Bill.

Thanks to Mr. Bill (who is a renowned expert of Abelton Live), Level 2 gets a glitchy, hyperactive flare that makes the EP even more unique.

Part of the magic of “10.8” is that each artist’s signature style comes through clearly, making it easy to decipher who contributed which elements. As a whole, the project is exceedingly impactful. Deadmau5’s melodicity blends smoothly with the zany production, while Mr. Bill’s contributions amp up mau5’s mastered style.

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