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Ninja Curates ‘Ninjawerks Vol. 1’ with New Tracks from Kaskade, Dillon Francis, and More

Alright boys, where we dropping? Ninja, the world famous Fortnite player and Twitch Streamer just dropped his first curated album, Ninjawerks Vol. 1, and it’s packed with new music from some of the biggest, most influential artists of our generation. Kaskade, Dillon Francis, and Alesso all contributed to this collaboration album. Even NERO dropped their first new song in 3 years, “Lullaby” to support the merge of the gaming world and music industry. The album features references from Fortnite, with track names like Alesso’s “Tilted Towers” and sound clips from Ninja’s live streams.

The first three tracks for the album was dropped at the Ninjawerks release party on December 2nd and was live-streamed on Ninja’s Twitch Channel. The tracks dropped, followed by sets from ZAXX, CRAY, Justin Caruso, GTA, and 3LAU. Ninja is on the front lines of linking two different diverse industries together.

I know it the idea of making a Fortnite and Twitch streamer-based compilation album sounds outrageous, but this album SLAPS. Each track has its own feel and each artist brings something different to the table. The track “On Your Mind” was a finished song that was looking for a home, according to Kaskade. Ninjawerks Vol. 1 is the perfect album to blast while getting into a serious Fortnite sesh.

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