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Radio Recap: Knife Party Presents Knifecast

For Radio Recap we usually look at radio shows and mixes, but this week we tuned in to Episode 009 of Knife Party‘s Knifecast. While most artists showcase music of their own or that they find interesting, the Australian duo that is also a part of Pendulum uses their podcast to talk about whatever they want, which ends up being a cheeky, captivating hour + some minutes of listening time. Their witty quick back-and-forth is highly entertaining, whether they’re talking about something of actual importance or not; either way, Knifecast is certainly worth adding to your list of shows to listen to. Knifecast is “The most professional and good show on the internet,” as Knife Party dubs it.

This week’s episode analyzes American and European politics, the different crafts of rock & roll and electronic music, and how drum & bass is “one of the only genres that sounds fresh.” Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, who together create Knife Party, also ask everyone’s burning questions, such as “If coffee is a diuretic, wouldn’t it increase blood flow to the brain?” and “What happens biologically to astronauts when they’re in space?” The show isn’t strictly speaking, though: they also play drum & bass bangers by artists like Break and Leikeli47. The special guest for this episode is Tom Morello, best known for his time spent with Rage Against the Machine. Among other discussion and banter, which you can catch in the full episode, Morello reveals he was never interested in EDM, Knife Party’s metal influence turned him onto the genre, which eventually led to their collab “Battle Sirens” and a performance at Ultra together. True to metal, the show ends with a Black Sabbath song.

Knifecast is a bi-weekly show that Knife Party uploads to Mixcloud. Keep up with the new episodes to gain insight on the D&B artists!

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