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Woof Logik Leads the Pack on Barong’s ‘Family Matters Vol. 2’

Exactly three months after the release of Family Matters Vol. 1, Barong Family has readied another 6-track compilation starring the most exciting tracks from the up-and-coming producers who keep on spamming the label’s inbox. Keen on making new acquaintances and expanding our growing family of talent, they present to you hard-hitting new tracks by a star-studded roster.

In good Barong Family fashion, these six tracks came to us from around the world. From the United States, of course, but also from Mexico, France and – for the first time on the label – Estonia. Coming out of the gates, Woof Logik and Kuka provide a track that it is so massive, it could cover the sun. Their track “Eclipse” is out of this world with booming bass and so much energy, it feels sourced straight from the stratosphere. Woof Logik is know for their heavy bass and signature sound designs so we know what they brought to the table on this one. Check it out below.

“Eclipse” has us looking for what they will do next. The duo recently confirmed Yellow Claw official remix for them for next month as well as hitting the road with fellow Barong family members, Cesqeaux, Fight Clvb, Vlien Boy. These guys stand at the forefronts of what tomorrows next sound and wave of music will be. They are not the kind of artists to slip by unnoticed. Follow them on their epic journey as they change perspectives and innovate creativity to the next best thing in the music industry.
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