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Shift K3Y Gets Loose with ‘Rhythm of the Drum’

A little bit of hip-hop, some futuristic synths, and staying true to his unique underground style is the formula London producer Shift K3Y used to engineer his new single “Rhythm of the Drum.” The track starts with some truly out of this world synth work, as it sounds like some sort of code coming from an extraterrestrial being. Building into a hip-hop inspired rap verse, the tune is begging to be a dance hit. The underground sound is apparent as with every listen you’ll catch the slight details that make this song so complex. Between the bouncy baseline and robotic vocals, “Rhythm of the Drum” has a little bit of everything. You can check out the new single below. 

It’s no question as to why Shift K3Y is solidifying himself even deeper in the electronic scene. His futuristic house style with hints and tributes to the London underground scene create songs that you basically have to move and groove to. The attention to detail is incredible and what truly sets him apart from many artists, as he is finally gaining the worldwide attention he rightfully deserves. Listen for yourself on all platforms, and get ready to shuffle a bit. And If you can’t shuffle, “Rhythm of the Drum” is the perfect song to teach you. 

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