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IVORY, Yakz, & Codd Dubz Collaborate on ‘Dirty Dogs’

IVORY, Yakz and Codd Dubz are some of the heaviest producers in the dubstep game right now. So when these three get together for a collaboration, you better believe it’s gonna blow you out of the water. That’s exactly how it went down for their recent release, “Dirty Dogs.” Hit play below to experience the madness for yourself.

Released on SKisM’s Black Label imprint, “Dirty Dogs” might be one of the most hard-hitting tracks of 2019 so far, with 3 minutes and 40 seconds of pure, ferocious energy. Each of the three producers lends their unique style to the track, bringing together an assortment of talent and impressive production.

IVORY explained the meaning of the title, saying “This song is a reference to the dirty dogs restaurant in Montreal. We made this track to show our love to their food! Big shoutout to yakz, codd, and the dirty dogs restaurant of Montreal.”

You can catch Yakz as he supports fellow Black Label artist Midnight Tyrannosaurus on his Mutation Tour on Saturday May 25 at the Pressroom in Phoenix. Click here to purchase tickets.

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