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Ryan Collins Releases ‘Relent’ EP on Bite This!

His name might be fresh to some, but in the span of just a few years, Ryan Collins has electrified the house music scene through gaining massive recognition from big dogs like Shiba San, Malaa and Jauz, the latter of who has supported Ryan Collins by releasing on his label, Bite This! Collins’ signature sound is a cool blend of west coast hip-hop and classic house music, and his latest EP, Relent, is a study in g-house mastery.

Relent is jump-started by the EP’s title track, “Relent,” and it’s a massive main stage heater. It’s infused with deep, rich textures, which pulsate through the initial buildup. Ryan Collins constructs huge walls of sound that accompany the drops, and the classic house vocals of Kaleena Zanders send the tune back to the early days of EDM. “Relent” is a perfect balance of aggressive electro-house and the funkier components of g-house for which Ryan Collins has quickly become notorious. Next is “Revolution,” a collab with Bite This! veteran Kyle Walker, whose hybrid tech house style consistently breaks down the walls of dance music. This track is relentless and provides an enticing dip into the bubbly interior of house while maintaining the abrasive edge of electro house. Finally, Farah Shea inserts her voice for “Run It,” and her deadpan vocal lyricism punctuates the tune perfectly. The darker after-hours warehouse vibe reveals Ryan Collins as a producer who is particularly aware of the power of his craft. Ryan Collins continues to employ the bouncy beat structure that characterizes g-house, but he’s transformed the formula to achieve his own darker musical proclivities.

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