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Zomboy Releases Much Anticipated ‘Rott N’ Roll Pt. II’

In was 2017 when Zomboy blessed us with the Rott n’ Roll Pt. I EP.  The EP gave us a handful of bass classic and came with an impressive North American tour that featured Eptic, Spag Hetty, Valentino Khan, and more. It has been two years since Rott n’ Roll Pt. I was released and now, we finally have Rott N’ Roll Pt. II.

Zomboy has been on the road most of this year with his highly successful Rott N’ Roll tour f featuring Space Laces, Badklaat, and Luzcid. Last month, his stop at the Van Buren gave us a sneak peek as to what we would be expecting from the fully completed Rott N’ Roll Pt. II EP and it definitely lived up to all our expectations. The EP features two previously released hits, “Lone Wolf” and “Born to Survive” featuring rx Soul. The three new songs added really make the whole EP complete and showcase Zomboy’s unique aesthetic. “Revival” featuring MUST DIE! and “The Beast” are the two hardest songs on Rott n’ Roll Pt. II. MUST DIE! adds some pretty crazy riddim drops to Zomboy’s melodic dubstep and one of the most interesting collaborations we’ve seen from Zomboy in a while. “The Beast” is a more classic Zomboy dubstep track and equally as hard as some of his older tracks like “Rebel Bass”.

“End Game” is the most successful song out of the three new releases. “End Game” takes the 1788-L and Rezz drop format of white noise alternating with an attacking bassline and adds a melodic pop element that is gonna turn some people’s heads. For my old-school Zomboy fans, listen to the last few seconds of the track and you’ll notice a nostalgic sample of the 2013 Zomboy track, “Gorilla March”.

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Photo: Deadphilly

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