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Electric Forest: Producing Change Beyond the Trees

From EDC to Lollapalooza to Bonnaroo and more, there are plenty of Summer festivals to choose from, and unless you’ve got an unlimited budget, chances are you can’t do them all. That means the pressure is high for festivals to standout amongst the growing list of options. Some do this with their lineup, but Electric Forest appeals to those trying to have an inclusive experience that’s not only a good time but produces change and environmental awareness.

Electric Forest has always been at the forefront of the consciousness movement as it pertains to festivals. This year they reverted back to one weekend from two in an effort to preserve the magical place that Sherwood Forest is, but it goes far beyond that. Electric forest is both a collaboration and an experiment in community, and they display this through their Plug In program. “The Plug In program offers creative opportunities to ump in through contests, artistic project and so much more. Plug In to deepen the community and connection with Electric Forest,” they explain on their website. Check out some of the Plug In programs below.



Electricology reaches every corner of The Forest – rewarding sustainable, active, and respectful Forest Family with exclusive prizes and festival experiences. Use the 3-bin Waste Stations to keep Electric Forest green and your campsite litter-free. Compost. Earn. Redeem. It’s that easy.

The Wish Machine


The Wish Machine rewards the positive actions of the Forest Family. What are you doing to change the world? What would you wish for in return? From planting trees and empowering communities, to starting important conversations and raising awareness, the Forest Family brought the essence of The Forest with them – to people, neighborhoods, communities, and societies across the planet. Take action to get your wish granted. Fill out the Wish Machine form explaining your brilliant plan to make the world better, and the wish you would like to see granted at Electric Forest.

Her Forest

#ElectricForest’s #HerForest Program

With a focus on Connection, Inspiration, and Comfort, Her Forest is a collaboration between all who identify as women, and those who celebrate their enjoyment of and equality in the Forest Family. All Her Forest projects are intended to create the most supportive and empowering environment possible.

The Monarchy: 2019 — The Children of the Rainbow!


The Children of The Rainbow are coming to The Forest to spread love and positivity, and remind the Forest Family that we are most powerful together. They want to be a reminder that when we deepen our awareness of ourselves, we can progress and prosper at a higher level, together.

The Children of the Rainbow aim to inspire the Forest Family with one mission in mind: Now is the time to focus on living and acting with love as the foundation of the future, to live sustainably, explore the wonders of consciousness, and be grateful for life.

The Roy Price Memorial Food Drive


HQ is teaming up with Conscious Alliance for the eighth consecutive year to host The Roy Price Memorial Food Drive! All food donations will benefit the local Price Family Food Bank of Rothbury, Michigan, which has collected record amounts of food for the local community. Donate 20 non-perishable food items or make a suggested monetary donation and receive a limited edition poster. As always, donations collected at the festival will benefit members of the Rothbury community through our long-standing partnership with the Price family and their food distribution network.

These five programs are just a few of the ways Electric Forest strives to make an impact beyond the trees. This year’s Electric Forest takes place from June 27th through June 30th in Rothbury, Michigan. See you there!

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