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Um.. This New EP is Scorching Hot

Filthy bass duo Um.. is back once again and still pumping out some disgustingly grimy beats. Only 2 months after releasing their wouldn’t worry about it EP, the boys unleash 3 hot new tracks with Deadbeats, it’s about as eerie and hard as it gets. Don’t be late to the party because these guys have it.

now thats what i call branding could be their way of trying to distinguish themselves as artists, which they already do pretty well with their somewhat minimal but heavy character. Track titles are hilarious as always, dating back even 4 years ago with their infamous “don’t copy us” track.

Leading off the batch of new heat is ‘”what?,” a narrated headbanger, followed by a slightly softer and slower “okay” track that contains some wild new sound design and will still shake your walls. “lil jon” rounds up the project, sticking us with glitchy bass that will absolutely leave you thrown back into your seat. The attitude that um.. has is really attractive, and sets them far apart from any other traditional bass artist with their we dont really care approach. If you’re headed to Lost Lands this year, these two are definitely a must see after their sick performance at Crush AZ this past Februarwon’tou wont be disappointed.

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