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5 YOOKiE Remixes That’ll Make Your Bones Shake

Since 2012, the Alfaro brothers, Chris and Anthony, have been bringing the EDM community tracks that throw down so hard it’ll make your bones shake. Releasing music under many labels like Deadbeats and Never Say Die, collaborating with artists like Slander and BTSM, and making what once was their dreams into a reality, YOOKiE consistently brings the heat to trap and bass. Here are five remixes and edits that truly show the duo’s unshakeable presence within the music scene.

1. One of the duo’s biggest inspirations is the one and only Skrillex. After seeing him perform their remix of “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites,” their career really took off. Working feverishly to keep the momentum going, YOOKiE’s presence has since graced the stage of Decadence AZ 2016, Ultra Music Festival, and the two will soon perform at Lost Lands. These brothers have certainly brought something new to the scene and it all started with this:

2. If any edit can show the unique style that YOOKiE contributes to many popular tracks, it’s that of SVDDEN DEATH’s “Behemoth.” A recognizable drop receiving a welcomed twist, it’s enough to please any listener.

3. Now, slowing it way down and adding so much depth, this dark edit of “Whistle” makes you wonder just how unconventional YOOKiE can go. Taking the high energy and inspiration of the original mix by 4B and Teez, these two ran straight through the boundaries. According to their twitter, the brothers have been kicked off stage too many times for not “playing mainstream” and going “too hard.” But their persistence to show the audience just how hard they can go reflects in their breakneck originals, remixes, and edits.

4. Teaming up together in 2016 with Slander and Jinzo, the five delivered a track with a strong beat, glossy vocals, and heavy white noise titled “After All.” However, YOOKiE couldn’t stop there. Although originally their own song, this VIP edit possibly blows smoke in the faces of the promoters that have asked them to get off stage. But more importantly, it allows fans to become more immersed in their imaginative and crowd quaking productions.

5. Last, but certainly not least, is YOOKiE’s remix of NGHTMRE and Dillon Francis’ “Another Dimension.” Like Skrillex, NGHTMRE often plays this bone shaking drop during his own sets. This track truly speaks for itself and leaves the crowd begging for more.

Collaborating with so many artists while still producing bombastic originals, YOOKiE doesn’t fail to deliver. In October 2018, the Alfaro brothers released the BASSiC EP which is five tracks of massive drops and revolutionary synths. Even more recently, the two have collaborated with Ekali releasing “Jundo” under Big Beat Records. The future is only bright for these trap and bass stars. Catch some, or hopefully, all of these drops on June 8th at Aura. Get your tickets here.

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