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Don’t Sleep On This New Arius Remix

It’s no doubt that Arius is known for their multiple talents and their ability to incorporate them into each of their works, no matter how big or small. Tessa and Matty have combined their individual strengths again and again, and produce unparalleled and quality work every single time. Most recently, Arius dropped a remix with Ghostdigi of Excision and Illenium’s “Gold” featuring Shallows. Listen below.

They announced the remix via an Instagram post featuring live instrumentals. Tessa displays her drumming skills, Matty is on the keyboard and Ghostdigi is on a live guitar. Their effort to go above and beyond on this remix displays their range of talent and intricate design in appreciating other peoples’ works while also adding their own twist to it and still accentuating the original art. Remixes are always a treat, especially when accompanied by an engaging visual. While we can hope to see more collaborations like this one, you can keep up with Tessa’s impressive drumming skills & Matty’s savvy keyboard techniques via social media to see teasers and announcements.

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