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Gravez Teases ‘Kid Cudi’ Remix

Atlanta-based artist Gravez has been establishing a place for himself in the EDM community for quite some time now with his unique sound & eclectic archive of remixes. His compilations include collaborations with producers such as Goldlink, Ekali, and Sango. You can find his remixes populated with a healthy dose of Hip-Hop/Rap songs. At the end of May, he teased the release on his Twitter account, sharing a video of him sampling Playboi Carti‘s “Kid Cudi,” with stripped humming by Kid Cudi himself, and some soft instrumentals.

This remix has a very relaxing intro which is an almost polar opposite to the initial intro, but it transitions into such an aesthetically pleasing drop that really suits the prototype. With this song, the intro is more slowed and even a little chopped. The modification from the chorus intro to verse is so intricate, the only words I could find to describe even just the feeling of listening to the transformation is fluttery. It’s very light yet still intriguing and did the song a correct amount of justice.

Gravez has more content on his SoundCloud that properly displays his talent and wide spectrum of abilities when it comes to sampling and remixing. It makes for an auspicious prediction of what we can expect to hear with his “Kid Cudi” edit.

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