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Watch it Wednesday: Kaskade – ‘With You’ feat. Meghan Trainor

Last month, the king of electronic love songs and our hearts Kaskade released a song with pop singer Meghan Trainor called “With You.” Typical of Kaskade, this song is a romantic blend of fun & energetic and wistful feels. Combined with Meghan Trainor’s crooning voice, it’s hard to resist letting your heart turn to mush. Recently, they released a music video for the track, and it’s also this week’s Watch it Wednesday. Press play below.

Kaskade, Meghan Trainor – With You (Official Video)

Alien retro animations featuring superhuman interpretations of Kaskade and Trainor, float around a world of pastels and bright colors that pop with textures throughout. An abstract and psychedelic Kaskade and Trainor transform a barren planet into a lush, flowery place with their love and supernatural powers, which is akin to how Kaskade’s music makes his fans feel! This song and the video are the perfect vibes for summer flings.

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