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13 Reasons Why You Need to Check Out 13

The artist known as 13, one of the biggest breakout talents in recent memory, has quickly established himself, his signature sound, and a solid foundation for his music career. Not only is he an expert at music production—as we will discuss shortly—but he is also a top-tier live performer, as his DJ sets have already received plenty of praise from fans all around the world. Perhaps the best example yet, many people agree that 13 threw down one of the best sets at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas 2019. Between his phenomenal music, masterful mixing, and many more assets that we’ll address shortly, 13 is one of the best young talents in all of EDM. Now, with that in mind, here are 13 reasons why you need to check out 13.

1. His EDC Las Vegas 2019 set

13 – EDC Las Vegas 2019 (Circuit Grounds)

2. His extensive network. In a very short amount of time, 13 has already received praise and support from some of the biggest forces in EDM, including Diplo, Zeds Dead, and Rezz. As a matter of fact, each of these artists play an important role in our next few reasons.

3. His guest mix on Diplo & Friends

4. His remix of “Lift You Up” by Zeds Dead

5. His first collaboration with Rezz! That’s right, he has already worked with Rezz! In fact, this happened way back in 2017 on her debut album, Mass Manipulation. If you’re familiar with Rezz’s song “Drugs!,” then you’re already familiar with 13! Not only is “Drugs!” his most-streamed song, but it is also one of Rezz’s! Talk about a win-win.

6. His second collaboration with Rezz, “The Crazy Ones”

7. His first release, a self-titled EP, was simply out of this world. One need not look further than the very first track, “Eradicate,” to realize just how good this man is. Again, bear in mind that this level of excellence is already more than two years old! Simply mind-blowing.

8. Also from his debut EP, “Nuclear” remains one of his biggest hits yet!

9. This incredible remix. While the original song by Krayysh is a beauty in its own right, the 13 remix of “Talk to Me” is simply next-level. That said, from this point on, we’ll let the music below speak for itself.

10. His second EP, Old World Order.

11. His third EP, Revelation.

12. His latest single, “Mirage.”

13. The unlimited potential of this next-level talent. If he is already this good, and has only been releasing music for a couple of years, then just try to imagine what he will sound like in another year or two. Suffice it to say, the sky is truly the limit for an artist the caliber of 13. Why? Because if you try to put a ceiling above him, there is absolutely no doubt that he will shatter it, your expectations, and, of course, your mind.

Want to experience 13 in person? Catch him at BOO! Arizona 2019 at the Rawhide Event Center on Saturday, October 19! Grab your tickets today!

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