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Artist Spotlight: Dubloadz

EDM is constantly evolving. Every single year, DJs and music producers test the limits of the industry. New sounds are born, outdated presets get cast aside, and the party goes on – with or without you. With such unpredictable turbulence in the world of EDM, how does one do it? How does an artist constantly adapt? How does one stay relevant? How does one become like Dubloadz?

In 2014, Dave Nardolilli—better known as Dubloadz—released his debut EP Fight Music. Since then, Dubloadz has gone from a newcomer to a headliner, and deservedly so. Not only has he built a massive discography, but he has also earned an extensive array of accolades along the way.

To list a few of these accomplishments: he has collaborated with some of the biggest names in modern-day bass music, such as Virtual Riot, Sullivan King, Dion Timmer, Monxx, and Midnight Tyrannosaurus; in 2017, he released his debut album Dubloadz and the 9000 Ghosts on the critically-acclaimed Disciple record label; he has produced official remixes for EDM icons, such as Excision, 12th Planet, Dodge & Fuski, and Spag Heddy; and he has received support from all of these artists as well as countless others.

Suffice it to say, Dubloadz has achieved an incredible amount in the last five years. In addition to making his dreams come true, Nardolilli hopes that his story will help others in the pursuit of their own personal goals, whatever they may be. As stated on his official Dubloadz Facebook page, “I can only hope to inspire people. I love what I do and I want people to realize they can make their dreams happen as well.”

While some may view this as paying it forward, Dubloadz would disagree. Instead, Nardolilli would say that he is giving back. This is evident in the story behind his new mix series, Timewarp. In it, Dubloadz highlights several of his biggest inspirations, including Skream, Benga, Liquid Stranger, and Flux Pavillion. In the description of ‘Timewarp Vol. 1’—available now for streaming as well as downloading via SoundCloud—Dubloadz gives us a glimpse into his origin story:

Not a lot of people know but I was heavily into dubstep and djing/mixing local parties years before I ever produced my own music or thought the Dubloadz brand could actually be a thing. I was the kid in the crowd screaming his head off to my idols many which are now my homies. It’s been a trip and I wanted to pay tribute to all those artists and the evolution of the genre over the years.

Dubloadz goes on to assure us that “Timewarp Vol. 1” is truly just the beginning of the series, “I know I’ve left out some key artists but I could only fit so much into one mix, which is why this is only volume 1. There are hundreds on hundreds of other tunes I have in playlists for the next mixes.”

Whatever his next release may be, there is no doubt that he will go all out. After all, the man is synonymous with spooky amounts of bass, unparalleled energy, and nonstop fun. Whether he’s working on a new song, his custom design skills, or crafting a world in Super Mario Maker 2, Dubloadz never lacks passion; and the best way to see it in action, of course, is to see him live! Catch Dubloadz at The Green Room in Flagstaff on Friday, October 11. Grab your tickets here!

Connect with Dubloadz: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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