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Getter Unexpectedly Drops ‘Let Me Love You’ Remix

Unexpected releases from artists are always exciting to see, so when Getter posted a new remix with no warning fans went crazy! After taking some much-deserved time away from social media to work on his mental health, his evolving sound, and his hip-hop alter-ego Terror Reid, Getter dropped his unreleased remix of DJ Snake and Justin Bieber’s “Let Me Love You”. There is no doubting this track has become a classic over the years and has been remixed countless of times by some huge names, but something about Getter’s recreation of the 2016 hit brings it back to life. Continuing to stray from his older heavy dubstep sound, this remix goes hand in hand with the distinct sound of his Visceral album. You can get lost in Getter’s melodic trap rendition of “Let Me Love You” below.

Full of buzzing synths, vocal chops, intoxicating trills, culminating drops and much more Getter’s “Let Me Love You” remix is dynamic and lets the LA producer dabble in new styles. The dreamy drops will leave you mesmerized and wanting more. Fortunately, Getter is performing at our very own Goldrush Music Festival this month on September 27th and 28th which you can grab tickets for here!

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