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PAZ Delivers a ‘Basshead Anthem’

If you find yourself searching PAZ‘s Facebook for an informative bio, you may not find what you’re looking for. However, you will learn that the genre-experimenting DJ is silly and light-hearted, with a Facebook About page that cheekily notes “PAZ is a human male. He eats food and sleeps frequently. If you encounter PAZ in the wild, approach slowly and maintain eye contact. While a well-fed PAZ is usually harmless, a hungry PAZ may feel threatened and try to bite.” In addition to this, PAZ is a producer & DJ who plays with but is not limited to dubstep, hardstyle, and trap. His sets are always a rowdy good time, as well as any and all music from his discography. Listen to his latest, what he’s dubbed a “Basshead Anthem,” below.

Get ready for a hybrid of trap and bass, and as the vocals in this track declare, it’s “Time to face it I’m a f*ckin’ basshead.” The contrasting high-pitched and deeper distorted voices combine with snappy synths hard-hitting snares and bass for a heavy basshead track that you can take lightly and have a fun time with – we warn you, though, if you have too much fun you might break your neck after the drop. Unite with your fellow bassheads and catch PAZ when he performs at Goldrush on September 27th & 28th. Hurry, get your tickets here!

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