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Dive Into INZO’s ‘Multiverse’ EP

We have had our eye on up and coming producer Michael Inzano, better known as INZO, for a bit now and he has taken our breath away once again with the release of his stunning Multiverse EP. The dimensional, five-track project is hot off Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan imprint, just in time for INZO to perform at the inaugural Wakaan Festival. INZO’s unique twist of experimental bass and funk are a match made in heaven on Multiverse. This EP is unlike anything we have heard and has us in a groovy daze! Slip into INZO’s Multiverse below.

Track by track listeners are taken on an effortlessly smooth journey. The EP’s title track “Multiverse” sets the futuristic tone of the project and glides right into “Let It Slide” which became a well-loved hit when it was released as a single earlier this year. This collab with Blookah gets listeners movin’ before heading into one of the EP’s bass heavy hits, “Y.” INZO pulls listeners in with the dreamy intensity of “Spectrum”, which showcases not only his amazing production, but his talent of storytelling through his music. Mutiverse is closed out by another wub filled track entitled “Helluvadrug” and leaves listeners wanting more. Altogether, this EP showcases everything INZO has to offer, from delicate melodies to chaotic bass to disco inspired funk, and we will not be taking it off repeat.

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