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Eric Prydz Drops 8 New Songs on BBC Radio

Its been quite a busy summer for Eric Prydz. After debuting the ever buzz-worthy Holosphere visual performance at Tomorrowland, all eyes were on the Swedish Prog House veteran to see what would come next, and though the only performance of this new Holosphere was not publicly released, it was heavily assumed, that with a new tour, came new music. Boy did we get that, and so much more.

Prydz stopped by Apple Music Studios to speak with New Zealand radio personality, Zane Lowe.  During the sit-down, Prydz outlined his involvement in the early days of Swedish House Mafia, along with announcing the resurrection of EPIC Radio.  This first episode back was featured on Beats 1 radio and is a quick, hour spin, with a maddening 8 NEW tracks for your ear holes.  All of which have a distinctive Prydz Prog-house funk to them, and yet still sound so well fleshed out, that they may continue to define the genre.

EPIC Radio Episode 24 on Beats 1 Radio

It’s easy to forget just how long Eric Prydz has been making quality jams and defining progressive house as a taste-maker in this industry. “Call On Me” is 15 years old this year… it’s almost old enough to drive.  I’m still trying to think of another artist that has this long-standing presence in their musical circle.

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