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Radio Recap: Nice Hair with The Chainsmokers 064 ft. Gryffin

Alex and Drew, who together are The Chainsmokers, raised this generation on their feel-good electronic pop that made even those unfamiliar with EDM sweet on the genre. Similarly, Gryffin has cultivated an audience of fans hungry for that euphoric, sparkly sound that serves as an escape for so many of those going through heartache. It’s not a surprise that they’ve both collaborated with the Sadboi to rule them all, Illenium – with The Chainsmokers he produced “Takeaway” and with Gryffin “Feel Good.” With all of their insurmountable success, The Chainsmokers also maintain their radio show Nice Hair with The Chainsmokers, and this week they released episode 64 that includes a guest mix from Gryffin. Listen below.

With a classic mic tap sample The Chainsmokers’ radio show, Nice Hair with The Chainsmokers, is introduced with “Ladies and gentlemen, you’re in the mix with The Chainsmokers, Alex and Drew.” Episode 64 features music from SIPPY, Flume & EPROM, Post Malone, plenty of original and remix IDs, and of course a special guest remix from Gryffin. Along with plenty of his own originals, Gryffin also blends tracks from other artists as well, making it a well-balanced mix.

The Chainsmokers will be taking over the Talk Stick Resort Arena on November 23rd – find tickets for that show here. Shortly after, you can catch Gryffin at the Rialto Theatre on December 3rd and The Van Buren on December 4th. Get tickets for the Tucson show here and the Phoenix show here.

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