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Relentless Review: LSDREAM & Shlump Deliver ‘Universal Wub’ EP

LSDREAM and Shlump are two of the most unique talents in EDM today. While LSDREAM has taken his fans on intergalactic adventures—especially in his albums VOYAGER and Renegades of LightShlump has a special ability to incorporate countless sounds into one fluid, cohesive, and immersive experience. Take, for instance, the extensive variety of elements within “System Crash.” Now, when you combine the freeform basses of both artists, as well as an outer space theme, the end result is the one and only Universal Wub EP.

In the very early moments of the first and titular track, “Universal Wub,” a female vocalist tells us that we’ll be “unlocking the secrets of the universe.” This greeting is surrounded by an ethereal and eerie ambiance, as though we are floating throughout space with no inkling as to where we will land. Then, we catch a glimpse of our first stop, as we make contact with a couple of fresh and welcoming sounds. These, of course, quickly fade out as we prepare to take the plunge into the first chapter of this story. Throughout the first drop, as well as the rest of the track, we hear an awesome array of sounds from both producers. In this midst of this magical mayhem, one will find deep, groovy baselines, razor-sharp synths, time-stretching effects, and so much more.

The second track of the EP, “Organism,” contains an even deeper mix of elements, especially in its early phases. In the first drop, a groovy flow guides us through this slippery journey. During this, one can’t help but notice an emphasis on the low end, as the bass is even more prominent than it was in “Universal Wub.” As the track progresses, however, we receive more synthesizers, high-frequency interactions, and textured ambiance. For those who love the wonky, wet, and wild stuff, the second drop of “Organism” might just be your favorite sequence of the entire EP, as it is just as fun as it is downright weird.

This “Radical Audio Visual Experience,” or “R.A.V.E.,” begins with a self-introduction, a retro acid synth, and a classic build-up that summons undeniable energy. Then, the first drop begins by featuring that familiar acid sound. At the same time, however, LSDREAM and Shlump manage to make this section of this drop a fascinating fusion of the past, the present, and the future, as if they are actively re-imagining what this iconic sound can contribute to a modern-day banger. Moments later, we’re met by a medley of fresh and familiar sounds that come together exceptionally well. In the next section of the track, we have just about everything, including deep dub, sharp brass, wind chimes, scratchy bass, and so much more. In short, “R.A.V.E.” is truly a breathtaking and mind-blowing experience.

With the most upbeat, hype-inducing beat of the entire EP, the intro of “STARCHILD” hints that the final track on the EP might just have the most energy of the bunch. Needless to say, the drop coveys a very similar message. With a wonderfully wobbly start and a wonky progression soon after it, the first drop of “STARCHILD” will truly make you go wild. The beautiful bridge, meanwhile, features spacious sound design, a lovely melody, and, towards the end, exemplary build-up into the final drop of the EP. As one would imagine, the conclusive drop is absolutely masterful. As a matter of fact, we’ll let this one speak for itself; but we’ll give you this much: don’t be surprised if your jaw hits the floor.

Suffice it to say, this four-track masterclass is an incredible, unparalleled, and out-of-this-world journey; and we are grateful for it. In short, the Universal Wub EP is simply a masterpiece. As this EP demonstrates, LSDREAM and Shlump are experts at their craft and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next! Until then, we will gladly loop the Universal Wub EP.

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