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Snails & Kill The Noise Team Up for ‘Front 2 Back’ feat. Sullivan King

Grimey guy Snails and dubstep dude Kill The Noise had the genius idea to collaborate their sounds on songs as well as on stage. Together, they are Kill The Snails. Snails brings his slimy, wet sound design while KTN infuses his heavy-hitting bass and synths for a violently gross marriage in dubstep. It’s a nearly overwhelming concoction of the dynamic variety – whether they’re on stage or in the studio, Kill The Snails produces well-rounded and aggressive bass music. Both artists are well-established on their own, and now together they’re tapping into a type of sound neither may have achieved on their own. Recently, they added a metal wild card to the mix by collaborating with Sullivan King on their heavy dubstep blend “Front 2 Back.” Listen below.

Kill The Noise’s snappy bass and drums whips the listener like a wet towel to the face, which makes this track blast off from the beginning. Snails’ influence is palpable in the soppy snares of the drop, which have the viscosity of a snail’s slime. Sullivan King’s vocals abrasively grab this track by its slimy horns, and will undoubtedly hype the crowd up when it’s played live.

Snails will bring his World of Slime tour to Phoenix and Flagstaff. Get last-minute tickets for The Van Buren on November 23rd here and tickets for the Orpheum Theater on November 24th here.

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