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G-Rex and Sully ‘Clique’ on Colossal Wakaan Collab

2019 has been a very good year for all the artists on Liquid Stranger‘s Wakaan record label, and two terrific examples are G-Rex and Sully. In the beginning of 2019, G-Rex was still riding the waves of momentum from his Fall 2018 anthem with Peekaboo, Babatunde. Then, in April of this year, G-Rex released the Requiem EP, which contained his next big hit ‘Ladi’ as well as three other impressive tracks. Sully, meanwhile, was laying the foundation for his meteoric rise.

In the first half of 2019, Sully quit his day job in sales, dedicated himself to his music, and—in the course of just a few months—found himself signed to Wakaan. Then, on November 29, he released his debut EP, Break the Floor, which was met with rave reviews from fans and fellow artists alike. Needless to say, 2019 was an incredible year for Sully. Now, what are these two talents capable of when they come together?

A perfect hybrid of their styles, ‘Clique’ contains some classic G-Rex sounds and samples, Sully’s floor-breaking bass, a timeless, eerie ambiance, and so much more. The first drop is equal parts and catchy and experimental. In other words, it is just as fresh and creative as it is memorable. With deep, thick bass, some catchy vocal samples, and several flows throughout, you’ll want to loop this one for a while. Trust us, it’s very easy to come back to this track, get lost in the groove, and simply fall in love with it time and time again.

As if that wasn’t enough, the second drop is a breed of its own. While you will recognize several sounds from the first drop, the second one is done a bit differently. Simply put, if you enjoyed the experimental moments in the first half of the track, the second half might just be your favorite. Either way, there’s only way to find out.

In the end, ‘Clique’ is a slick way to close out the year for G-Rex and Sully. In this single, both artists give us glimpses of their patented sounds while also taking their creativity to the next level. If ‘Clique’ is an indication of what to expect from G-Rex and Sully in 2020, then the new year should be their biggest and best one yet.

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