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Spark This Zeke Beats & G-REX Collab Up

Freeform bass is taking over festival lineups and for a good reason. Songs like “Griztronics” by Subtronics and Griz and “Colossal” by PEEKABOO and Dirt Monkey are bringing attention to this wonky subgenre and bass heads everywhere cannot get enough of the wubs. Lucky for us, G-Rex and ZEKE Beats just released their highly anticipated collab “Purple Haze” and it’s everything we could have wanted. G-Rex is known for using both elements of free form bass and dark trap in his music and ZEKE Beat’s trippy style makes for the perfect combination of both wobble and edge. “Purple Haze” was released on Deadbeats and if you like your bass weird, you’re definitely gonna want to give this song a listen. 

“Purple Haze” is high energy, intense, and will certainly make everyone’s head turn at a show. The intro is epic and a distorted bass alongside cinematic drums begins to hype you up before the insane bass drop. The wobble bass has some serious “old school” dubstep vibes and the vocals fit the trippiness of the song perfectly. With G-Rex’s signature samples, including that horse neigh that we all know and love, “Purple Haze” is slightly creepy, but in the best way possible. It’s a perfect balance between both G-Rex and ZEKE Beat’s style and a completely original sounding song. Let’s hope that this isn’t the last collab from these two bass geniuses.
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