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G-Rex and Sully ‘Back It Up’ on Massive Lead Single

Every now and then, two artists find themselves in the studio together, and—almost inexplicably—everything clicks. Their sounds complement each other; their styles work well together; every little element just falls into place and the music practically writes itself. This is the case with G-Rex and Sully, two good friends, one great connection, and many amazing collaborations between them.

At the end of 2019, G-Rex and Sully dropped their first collaboration “Clique,” which quickly became a fan-favorite. Now, more than a year and a half later, we finally get our second dose of this dynamic duo. Better yet, “Back It Up” is the lead single from their upcoming collaborative EP on WAKAAN. In other words, this is just the first of many more collaborations from G-Rex and Sully.


“Back It Up” begins with an ominous atmosphere, a murky yet mesmerizing vocal pattern, and an imminent build. As the energy rises, we hear the titular “Back It Up” chant, hi hats, and a classic riser in the distance. Mix in some claps, drums, and an old-school rave synth, and before you know it you’re moments away from a brain-melting drop. Listen below!

When the first drop hits, the scintillating synth returns atop a bouquet of booming basslines, swirling alien lasers, and top-tier trap drums. For the second drop, G-Rex and Sully switch things up by slowing down the tempo, adding additional layers, and blasting us with even more lasers! Simply put, “Back It Up” is a no-nonsense banger; it’s short and sweet, drops your jaw, and sets the bar for a colossal collaborative EP, coming soon on WAKAAN. 

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