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Rompasso Releases Official ‘Kamikaze’ Video

The fantastic “Kamikaze” from Rompasso now comes with an official video worth checking out. This intense dance track from the Russian based producer is lifted to cinematic new heights thanks to direction from Aleksandr Aleksandrov and lead actress Valerya Shutovskaya.

The single itself was inspired by the artist’s hometown, and he reflects, “At its core, the atmosphere for ‘Kamikaze’ was envisioned as a romantic evening spent in a beautiful place .The inspiration for the song also has its roots in the 80s: my hometown (where ‘Kamikaze’ first came to life) has a lot of this vintage vibe, as if it was frozen in time.”

Drifting sequences and a darkly shot car sequence entices you straight in and keeps you hooked throughout. Have a watch of it here.

Rompasso – Kamikaze [Official Video] #GANGSTERMUSIC

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