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‘Secrets’ Don’t Make Friends, But Chet Porter’s Latest Does

It’s a good year when we get new releases by the one and only Chet Porter. After an almost 3-year break, to focus on himself and his music, the adored producer unexpectedly dropped “The Longest Day Ever” in September and is now back once again with a follow up single, “Secrets.” Chet is known for creating tunes that are full of uplifting, indie-electronic vibes and his latest is full of that and more. Give “Secrets” a listen below!

The time that Chet Porter has put in to craft and enhance his well-loved sound is evident. “Secrets” is bouncy and full of synths and vocal chops, which we are loving! Although Chet’s production has blown us away, the lyrics on this track are the star of the show. Lines like, “I’m so f**kin’ sick of the internet,” and others, highlight the producer’s struggles with depression and show that other people, “feel it too.” Chet has always been vocal about mental health and striving to improve his. “Secrets” is a track that could be relatable to many who also struggle and help them to feel not alone! We have been blown away by the two new singles from Chet so far and cannot wait to hear what is to come from him in the coming year.

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