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Steve Darko Releases Hot New Dirtybird Single

We can’t get enough Dirtybird releases and lucky for us trippy house master Steve Darko has given us two fresh, hot tracks. On November 15, Steve Darko dropped That’s Hot a single with two shuffle inducing tracks that you’re gonna want to add to your playlist now. Steve Darko is the genius behind “Thumbs” with Uncle Kev and, my personal favorite, “Fried or Fertilized” with Flynt Flossy. If you haven’t heard his music before the only way to explain it is wonky, weird, and utterly dirty. This new single takes his unique sound up a notch and is the perfect example as to why he’s such an incredible producer. 

“That’s Hot” is the leading song on the single and it’s hot. The signature funky, Dirtybird percussion introduces the track alongside an eel-house inspired synth. As soon as the vocals come in, you’re gonna be hooked on this track, making it the quintessential Steve Darko banger. “That’s Hot” changes constantly, adding new elements every 30 seconds or so to keep even the snobbiest house head’s attention. If you liked “That’s Hot”, be sure to check out the next song on the single, “I Miss Your Face”. A gritty bass opens up the song and trippy, yet oddly perfect vocals slowly build up to a drop you’re not going to want to miss. The second drop of “I Miss Your Face” is even better than the first and the same gritty bass we heard in the intro comes back even stronger. Overall, That’s Hot is a high quality single that gives both Dirtybird Fanatics and house-enthusiasts exactly what they want: refreshing, original sounds with a contagious beat.

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