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‘Time’ to Hear Charlotte de Witte’s New Track

Belgium-native techno producer Charlotte de Witte has made a splash in the DJ scene over the years. She began her career under the name “Raving George” but changed it when she realized she no longer needed to hide behind a male identity to move forward with her career. She has played at countless festivals including Tomorrowland, EDC, Ultra, and various smaller venue shows across the globe. She has released her own techno label earlier this year called KNTXT, coming from her 5-year running radio show and party series. Now it will showcase her and other fellow techno producers. 

“Time” comes from her Selected EP that was released on her own label. This 7-minute and 45 second track starts out with a soft uptempo beat, then gradually adds in heavier drum kicks. She plays with the tempo of this song by slowly speeding it up and slowing it back down, showcasing her classic dystopian techno sound. This otherworldly track will leave you traveling through time and space as you explore through the rest of her song. She is currently touring all over Europe, but you can keep up with her and her blossoming career with the links below!

Connect with Charlotte de Witte: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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