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Zomboy Rises with New Single ‘Archangel’

With his first original release in nearly eight months, Joshua Mellody—better known as Zomboy—is ready to begin the next chapter of his iconic career. One of the quintessential stables of modern-day dubstep, Zomboy has built a legacy around his zombie-themed enterprise. In this new tune, however, Mellody explores a new and innovative direction, as evidenced by the title, “Archangel.”

What makes this tune so special is Mellody’s uncanny ability to maintain his signature Zomboy style while also implementing several new and uncharacteristic components. For instance, the very beginning of “Archangel”—specifically the airy vocal chops—is nothing like any of Mellody’s previous creations. In mere moments, though, we are struck by a piercing burst of brass, some classic dubstep drums, and an overwhelming sense of anticipation.

From there, we quickly find ourselves in familiar territory, as the chops are now electrified, the brass blasts us with pure energy, and the track quickly begins to rise towards its inevitable drop. As one would imagine, the drop is absolute pandemonium, but in the best ways possible. The bass is booming, the energy is simply relentless, and the sounds are a masterful mix of fresh and familiar. Suffice it to say, if you’re a fan of Zomboy’s signature sounds as well as the dubstep anthems from the past eight months, then you are sure to love and appreciate his phenomenal fusion of the two.

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