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Alison Wonderland Drops Acoustic Version of ‘Peace’

In the midst of every storm you can find peace if you’re willing to fight for it. Australian artist Alison Wonderland doesn’t spare the unpleasant details when it comes to clawing your way to peace, but also shows just how amazing it can be once achieved. In early 2019, she released her hit single “Peace.” Its inspiring lyrics, uplifting sounds, and raw emotion captured listeners in its catchy tune, and had fans screaming at the top of their longs to every word, clinging on to the peace they had fought for themselves for so long. Late last year, Alison delivered a more intimate version of the track that emphasizes its impact. The acoustic recording excitingly just became available on all platforms and is now being enjoyed on the same scale that the original was. Listen to the heartbreaking acoustic below!

Alison Wonderland – Peace (Acoustic)

Known to perform live during her sets by singing and sometimes even playing the cello, this new version showcases her incredible performance skills. Her voice and emotions dominate the recording and seem to bleed out of the song. The toned down, softer, and more melancholy take offers a different look into the fight for peace. While the original was a very triumphant, encouraging song, the acoustic version takes a microscope to the smaller details. Alison bares all and displays her vulnerability quite beautifully, in a way that makes her extremely real and relatable.

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