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Dive into ‘Dangerous Waters’ with Jauz Latest EP

Jauz, the instantly infamous and sonically engineered project of LA-based Sam Vogel, seems destined for the electronic scene. Almost at once, he elevated from festival fan to festival headliner, with his high-energy basslines mirroring the hype he carries to the stage. After his instant classic “Feel The Volume” acted as a catalyst to lift him from rising artist to staple producer, Jauz gripped that momentum and utilized it to formulate an instantly identifiable sound unique to his competition. Today, Jauz yields a revered discography often heard in other DJ sets across festival stages and the title as label owner of Bite This! Most recently on the label is his five-track EP Dangerous Waters, which you can listen to below.

Dangerous Waters is pumped full of gritty synths and bass with a varietal blend of house and dubstep beats. It consists of four collaborative tracks, and the first track “BRING EM BACK” with Tynan notably jumpstarts the EP with synths familiar to those in “Hellifornia” by Gesaffelstein, which instantly adds a nostalgic element. The EP’s overall energy is desirably chaotic in the sound design switch-ups and compulsory BPMs that urge audiences to the nearest dance floor. Jauz’s own track “Get To Me” marries soulful vocals often found in a Jauz original and nearly hectic but undoubtedly playful sounds. Jauz proves release after release that he knows his craft and how to give his fans what they want.

Can you hear the Jaws theme song? It means Jauz and The Dangerous Waters Tour are coming! Get tickets for the Rialto Theatre on February 11th here and the Tequila’s Discoteque in El Paso on February 12th here.

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