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Spin it Back Saturday: Liquid Stranger – ‘Jolt’

Each sub-genre on the electronic spectrum holds unofficial allegiance to one producer. The dubstep king is Excision, the basshead god is Bassnectar, space bass praises their Space Mom Rezz, and that deliciously sticky-wet bass genre belongs to Liquid Stranger and his Wakaan label. Liquid Stranger’s sonically-charged basslines act like static in his Wakaan family’s brain cells, gluing them to his music’s viscous vibrations in such a way that he’s hardly considered a stranger to them anymore. The man-turned-bass-alien is a visionary, boasting robust sound design that growls and bubbles along to rhythms indistinguishable but tangible. Liquid Stranger’s occult style has ascended him to the top, first as label owner and now also as founder of Wakaan Festival. This talent of his was present from the beginning and has been fine-tuned over the years, as is evident from his track “Jolt” off his album Mechanoid Meltdown from nearly 10 years ago. Listen below for this week’s Spin it Back Saturday.

“Jolt” pumps like thick liquid through its listener’s veins, pulsating in one’s ears and instigating a heart attack because the bass shakes and vibrates in a startling and satisfying way. Vocal samples that teeter on silly like “What justice… I’m justice!” interject throughout Liquid Stranger’s seamless wub conduction. “Jolt” is six minutes and 55 seconds of mind-boggling wobbles, which is nearly overwhelming in that time… now imagine an entire Liquid Stranger set. Bring some towels to clean up your brain matter from the floor.

Liquid Stranger will melt the walls of the Orpheum Theater when he brings his Ascension Tour to Flagstaff on March 4th. Get your tickets here!

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