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i_o Unveils the Second EP from His ‘444’ Project

It’s been almost three months since the release of i_o’s first installment of his Project 444 series. ACID 444 was a fiercely hypnotic journey inspired by the beginnings of techno in the scene where i_o transformed acid trappings into a cohesive four-track EP. The LA-based producer now unveils the second installment of this project, NRG 444, that drives a nail into the up-tempo, industrial niche of the UK sceneThe eventual three-part EP series, all released on mau5trap, stems from an obscure New York underground venue called 444. Each EP contains four tracks, nodding to the name and mark a return for i_o to his roots. Capturing the vibe and aesthetic of the gritty, underground genre and club space, we can’t wait for the project to be complete. i_o is simply sonic, futuristic, and intense. His soundscape is meticulous and dynamic, bringing together a defined dance floor of music that stimulates deep, dark echoes in our core. NRG 444 brings just that, so get ready for a well crafted and anticipated project that’ll redefine your pallet for tempo tech house.

Born Garret Lockhart says the final installment is to be more melodic and progressive, evolving melodies and frequencies to perfectly balance out the three EP’s.

In an interview with Forbes discussing the twisty inspiration of the project, he paints a scene for fans about what sparked the 444 series. “We went in and through the haze of sweat and cigarette smoke, [I] could make out a modest DJ booth bumping out heavy rave tunes to a concrete dance floor… I can’t tell what it was about this place, whether the dense smell of sweat and spilled drinks, the haze of smoke or the smiley face painted on the ceiling, but something about the room hit me. It wasn’t this room that I found myself in years ago, first hearing electronic beats spilling out to a crowd full of angsty teenagers, but it felt just the same. It was a room just like this one that inspired me to be an artist. Project 444 is a return to that for me. A journey into what makes i_o.”

The entire production that Lockhart is crafting for his fans is ghastly unparalleled. The project bleeds techno unlike any we’ve heard and we can’t wait to get our hands on the progressive four-track masterpiece that’s sure to follow. Keep an eye out for i_o’s third installment of Project 444.

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Source: Forbes i_o

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