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ALPHA 9 Returns to Anjunabeats with ‘Dreams’

Few artists share such a storied history with Anjunabeats than Artem Stolyarov, the man behind both the ARTY and ALPHA 9 aliases. Stolyarov’s euphoric and uplifting sound has melded well within Anjunabeats, and he’s even played a role in redefining trance and progressive with early tracks like “Around The World,” “Kate,” “Rebound,” and “The Wonder,” which helped shape the sound of the genre.

As Anjunabeats enters its twentieth year, Stolyarov returns to the label as ALPHA 9 with a brand new track. Check out “Dreams” below.

While 2019’s “Before The Dawn” brought out ALPHA 9’s darker side, “Dreams” showcases more of the catchy riffs that first made him stand out as an artist. Stolyarov said about the release: “ALPHA 9 is coming back home; to a place where its music always belonged [Anjunabeats]. I’ve been waiting for this week to come for a very long time.”

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