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EDM Tracks to Accompany Every Emotion

There’s no doubt about it, the EDM genre is so diverse it encompasses everything from soft, mellow piano ballads to raging, high-BPM juggernauts, and the vast space in between. That’s what makes the genre so interesting – it appeals to fans with all different kinds of tastes. One of my favorite things about the versatile genre, personally, is that there is always a song to accompany whatever emotion I’m feeling at a given time. If I’m feeling happy and upbeat, I have a bevy of upbeat tracks to further elevate my mood. If I’m feeling bummed out, I also have a go-to playlist that matches my mood. Whatever the emotion, the vast EDM genre has something available to you. Read on for a list of my go-to tracks to accompany these four basic human emotions.


When I’m feeling sad or bummed out on a gloomy day, I typically gear toward tracks of the melodic, deep house sub-genre. This track by DJ/producer Andrew Bayer specifically comes to mind, with heart wrenching lyrics like, “I have unfinished business in this life / Not ready to go to the other side / Your immortal lover / Waiting with you left me satisfied / I’ll be crossing over to the light.”


Anger is often accompanied by an elevated heart rate, shaking, and sweating. To battle this, you need a track of equal vigor. What better artist to turn to than BTSM? “Rebels” features lyrics like ‘They say misery loves company / but my high horse only sees one comfortably / I didn’t get you while I got to get you / whatchu want from me / you dead to me / no friend to me / look at what you done to me.”


When I think of dark, creepy tracks to accompany emotions like fear, I instantly think of Rezz, and this track was a no-brainer as one of her OG spooky songs.


When I’m feeling excited, happy, or energized (all of which we’ll lump into the “joy” category), I like to put on something upbeat with a higher BPM that can easily be danced to. This usually involves House music – think Chris Lake, Dom Dolla, MK, Sonny Fodera, etc. If I had to narrow it down to one song, this track by The Magician takes the trophy. This song literally sounds like the sun beaming down on you. It’s impossible not to smile and feel your mood instantly heightened.

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